Dear Friends,

I’m Judge Jerry Metz. I'm running for re-election the Hamilton County Common Pleas Court. 

“Law is the pledge of a society that its citizens will do justice to one another.”


Good judges protect that pledge and see that it is delivered to all the people. The people of Hamilton County deserve judges we can trust to make good and impartial decisions, according to the law.

I am now serving my sixth year as a Judge of the Common Pleas Court. Overall, I've had 34 years of trial experience.  I’ve lived and studied and worked in Hamilton County for over 50 years. Before becoming a judge, I was an active attorney for 28 years. I served two years as a lawyer-assistant to a federal judge. And I spent the rest of those years trying cases here in Hamilton County and elsewhere. To give something back, I’ve done what I can to educate other lawyers and now judges to better serve. I served on the boards of civic and charitable organizations. And I served our Courts as an Arbitrator and Mediator. Now I want to continue to serve you as a Judge of our Common Pleas Court.

I believe our courts must:

• Keep safe the rule of law for a peaceful, free, and prosperous society. 
• Protect public safety and essential freedoms.
• Promote community and individual responsibility. 
• Preserve equality, and treat each person with dignity and fairness. 
• Do justice for all, aware of the impact on society as a whole.
Over the years, I tried and argued cases before many judges. Even with a good judge, one party always leaves as loser and another as victor. But with a good judge both sides will know that they have been fairly heard and the decision between them made impartially, with the common good in mind.

With a good judge both sides know that our pledge of justice has been kept.

That is my promise to you, the people of Hamilton County: to keep the pledge—justice will be well and fairly done.

I hope you will help me to keep our pledge of justice.